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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Gift Card System

Now that our 7.50 version is being released, we have finalized some re-vamping of the gift card system as well.

Those of you who have looked at POS systems before probably realize that most gift card systems only allow you to take one card at a time or load one card at a time.

In the real world, it's common to have a customer want to use three $.50 gift cards and cash to pay for a $3.50 drink.

We have taken some serious time and re-vamped the system to make it work as smoothly as possible.

You can now sell as many gift cards in one transaction as you would like, redeem up to five gift cards at a time and check the balance on the screen with one button.

This is available in our 7.50 update and, of course, to anyone that purchases a new SP-1 For Coffee POS system!

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